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CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV is an essential tool in any security system. We offer a wide selection and a full range of home and commercial high quality CCTV Surveillance systems. With cutting edge technology and tailored solutions, we can assist in deterring criminals with 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure the protection of your property and assets. Our systems are comprehensive, easy to install and offer the tools necessary for your surveillance system.

Guard Tour Management System

Ansec's Guard Tour management system provides you with a proactive approach to secure your facility. With Guard Tour management system, guard’s activities are monitored, scheduled, and tracked through mobile devices, and automatic reports are produced. Due to this you instantly know where the personnel are and what they're doing. Thus reducing the risk of potential intruders entering unnoticed.

Time Attendance System

Ansec time attendance system is an ideal solution in any modern company. Our time attendance system is designed to be used in a corporate environment with the ability to record and track- daily, weekly or monthly employee’s working hours using fingerprint or face recognition. We also provide Identification badges that can be used across multiple locations with centralized access control.

Access Control System

Our access control product line consists of both standalone and networked solutions for single doors and multiple doors. We have products that work with both fingerprint and biometric technologies. Our products are easy to set up, operate, and maintain.

Entrance Automation

Entrance automation systems allow for security and convenience, with guarding at unmanned entrance and exits against external unauthorized access. Boom barriers offer an additional check point to ensure that only authorized persons are entering or exiting your premises. The integration of intelligent card readers can fulfill the functions of entrance control, attendance, tolling, pedestrian control, etc.

Parking Management System

Integrated smart parking management system automates the end-to-end parking process. Extremely useful for shared parking spaces, the solution automates day-to-day processes such as auto-identifying appropriate parking slots - be it reserved or pay-and-park, auto-generating parking tickets, levying penalties, and many more.

Monitoring services for Fire Alarm System, CCTV system & Access control

We provide monitoring services for almost any type of system including Fire alarms, Access controls and CCTV’s. Depending on the type of system being monitored, we offer on-site support from trained operators, technicians, and engineers at a competitive rate. We also provide regular reports on site operations with detailed information that can be retrieved at any time by authorized personnel.

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