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Securing a smarter tomorrow

ANSEC Services App


A Complete Security Package


Monitoring your premises is easy when you can see which teams are patrolling.

Easy Accessable update

Get instant updates of all security operations currently being executed in your premises through live notifications.

Sitewise report

With a single click, you can get detailed reports according to the site.

When you're not there, we are

Safety and Observation

Save time and improve communication by reporting technical and security issues to the ANSEC Security Team using the app to secure your workplace.

Keeping you protected day and night

Night Rounds

Now track the Night rounds that were performed by the security officials and also get the report of any suspicious activity that happened around the premises. You can keep a track of the number of rounds done per day. It also gives a report on the area covered, the security officials involved and the person who is in charge.


How our app looks like

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