Covid Precaution Plan Ansec HR

Prevent. Protect. Survive.

Covid Precaution Plan is a proactive measure taken by Ansec to enhance the safety of our customers and employees. As part of this plan, we are following all the precautionary measures required to lower the risk of infection during the course of the pandemic. Your health and well-being is of prime importance to us. To prevent even the slightest chance of infection from COVID-19, we have been working around the clock to keep everyone safe from any potential spread.

Frequent Temperature Check

Mandatory thermal scanning for everyone entering the premises.


All areas in the company shall be disinfectant completely by professionals.


Mandatory policy of social distancing in the premises, including lifts & Washrooms.

Educating Staff About Covid Vaccination

Regular training regarding Covid precautions and the importance of vaccination.

Safe to work, safe to live

We have established Standard Operating Procedures for employees, facilities, management members, and security staff to prevent the spread of virus.

Getting your workplace ready in case COVID-19 arrives in your premises

  • Preparing for Reopening
  • Steps to be taken Post Lockdown
  • Getting your workplace ready in case COVID-19 arrives in your premises
  • Guidance for Transporting Patients with or under investigation.
  • Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Storage of PPE Kits
  • Disposal of PPE Kits
  • SOP – Security Staff

Our Precautionary Plan