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Corporate Social Responsibility


Ansec believes in giving back to society that has given so much to us. We aim to unify charitable activities in pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility. We help organizations around the world to formulate and implement operational programmes which meet CSR objectives. We maintain both respect for people and the environment as we ensure a true return on investment from our programs.We embeds social responsibility in our organization through instituting various social activities like, initiating in making clean surrounding with waste management, providing welfare to the old staff, blood donation camps, free vaccination drives, providing scholarships; donating stuff to standers; providing recreational facilities etc.

Motives of ANSEC CSR

Initiating in making clean surrounding
Donation for welfare
Care about ANSEC staff
Benefits plan for employee
Engagement in social service drives
Philosophical approach using technology strength

Our Programmes

At Ansec, we are committed to demonstrate positive environmental action on a regular basis for the conservation of our natural ecosystem. This commitment has led Ansec Security Services to launch its very own Monthly Clean City Initiative in order to create awareness amongst citizens regarding waste disposal. Every month, Ansec runs a campaign aimed at improving solid waste management in the city to make it more livable and environmentally friendly. The project aims to spread awareness about keeping cities neat and clean and focuses on reducing, recycling and reusing garbage.

Charity makes us feel good and generous. What better place to spend than helping out others who are less fortunate

Giving back is an integral part of who we are as a company. We recognize that it is not only our responsibility to provide superior service, but also, to give back to the community by supporting charitable organizations.

At Ansec, we believe in corporate social responsibility. As part of our active Death Benefit Plan, we provide support to the families of our employees who pass away while on duty. The program provides two years of salary to the family of each employee upon his or her death, ensuring that their needs are met.

Ansec encourages its employees to pursue both professional and financial success. Our staff welfare program encompasses everything from accommodation to education. Ansec provides transportation facilities for older employees as well as automobiles for Area managers and Field Offices. In addition to Non- Interest Home and Education Loans, our staff welfare program aims to ensure that all employees are happy in their careers. All of our benefits are designed not only to maintain morale among employees, but to accommodate members of the Ansec family when they need support.

Ansec’s accident benefit plan provides compensation to the employee or for their family on account of death or injury during the course of employment according to the Workmen Compensation policy. Apart from that if any permanent disability occurs to the employee, the company provides permanent employment to him/her.

Ansec HR Services has been providing free vaccination for all of his employees. This initiative is done to protect the employees and their families from the effect of CoronaVirus. Vaccinations were provided free of charge to all employees. It is conducted by a team of experienced doctors. In addition, transportation facilities were also provided to elderly staff and their family members. They were also given information on the importance of getting immunized and also instructions on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Ansec promotes social responsibility through its projects. So over the years, Ansec has been regularly conducting blood donation camps at our company premises. The Blood Donation Camps always receive a positive response from our employees. They feel the camps give them an opportunity to serve humanity. Ansec appreciates the employees’ involvement in such social projects.

Ansec proudly supports education, contributing to school building construction. Our donation reflects our commitment to nurturing future generations and giving back to the community.