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Industry Solutions


Ansec HR Services offers specialized solutions for the IT sector, ensuring security and operational efficiency. We provide cybersecurity, data protection, and skilled IT support to safeguard your environment and maintain system integrity. Trust Ansec for reliable and efficient IT service management, focusing on innovation and growth.


Ansec HR Services offers tailored support for the Manufacturing sector, focusing on safety, efficiency, and compliance. We provide robust security measures, skilled labor, and operational support to ensure a productive and secure manufacturing environment. Trust Ansec for comprehensive manufacturing support.


Ansec HR Services offers targeted solutions for E-commerce & Logistics, ensuring smooth operations and security. We specialize in inventory management, order fulfillment, and logistics with robust security measures. Rely on Ansec for efficient and secure e-commerce and logistics support.


Ansec HR Services delivers essential support for Hospitals/Healthcare, focusing on patient safety and facility hygiene. We provide specialized staff for maintenance, security, and sanitary services, ensuring a secure and clean environment. Trust Ansec for reliable healthcare support.



Ansec HR Services offers dedicated solutions for Real Estate & Commercial Estates, enhancing security and maintenance. We provide expert facility management, safety protocols, and efficient operations support. Trust Ansec for a secure, well-maintained property environment.


Ansec HR Services provides specialized support for Pharmaceuticals, ensuring strict compliance and safety. Our services include security, sanitation, and regulatory adherence, maintaining a secure and efficient operation. Trust Ansec for reliable pharmaceutical industry support.


Ansec delivers superior IT Park management, incorporating advanced surveillance, cutting-edge tech integration, and robust data protection. Our services ensure a secure, optimized, and efficient environment, with a focus on continuous surveillance, facility management, and safety protocols tailored for IT businesses. Trust Ansec for comprehensive and advanced IT Park support.

List of IT parks:

  • Embassy Tech Village – Bangalore
  • Manyata Tech Park -Bangalore
  • 1 BKC – Mumbai
  • One International Centre – Mumbai Lower Parel
  • Quadron – Pune
  • Qubix – IT Park Pune