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What is Security Services

At Ansec HR Services, our Security Guard Services are more than just about safeguarding premises; they’re about ensuring peace of mind. Our security personnel are meticulously trained and equipped to handle a variety of scenarios, from routine surveillance to emergency response. We specialize in offering a blend of physical guarding and technology-based solutions, ensuring comprehensive protection for your assets, employees, and visitors. Each guard is selected through a rigorous process, ensuring they meet our high standards of integrity, vigilance, and professionalism. Whether it’s commercial complexes, residential areas, or corporate offices, our security guards are dedicated to creating a safe and secure environment, tailored to the specific needs of each client. With Ansec, experience a new standard in security services where trust, efficiency, and expertise come together.

Who can use Security Services

Ansec HR Services’ Security Guard Services are ideal for a diverse clientele seeking dependable security solutions. These services are essential for commercial establishments, residential areas, corporate offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, industrial units, and events.
Our trained guards provide tailored security, ensuring safety and peace of mind across various sectors, from protecting business assets and residential communities to ensuring the smooth operation of events and safeguarding sensitive areas in healthcare and educational settings.

Physical Guarding

Ansec HR Services offers a robust Physical Guarding service with expertly trained guards proficient in managing diverse security scenarios, from access control to crisis response. They act as a deterrent and respond effectively to ensure client-specific security needs are met, maintaining a secure environment.

Electronic Security Surveillance

Ansec HR Services’ Electronic Security Surveillance utilizes advanced technology for top-tier security. Our tailored solutions include high-tech CCTV, access control, and alarm systems for continuous, real-time monitoring, bolstering defense alongside physical guarding.

Intelligence & Investigative Services

Ansec HR Services Ltd offers transparent business practices and dedicated People Care across India. Our team of experienced Professional Investigators is set to expand our Investigation services to valued clients at Reasonable Commercial Terms (RCT) as a token of goodwill.

Security Surveys & Audits

Ansec meticulously performs security surveys, assessing every facet of security operations and infrastructure. As a leading security provider in India, we deliver detailed reports with system and policy recommendations, including electronic device protocols and corporate governance. Our monthly audits for existing sites ensure ongoing compliance and preemptive risk management, safeguarding property and people.

Quick Response Team

Ansec’s Quick Response Team (QRT) consists of skilled professionals ready to tackle emergencies, from disasters to threats. Known for prompt action, our QRT is among India’s top security teams, supported by well-equipped vans for swift crisis intervention. We handle health emergencies, natural disasters, fire fighting, and rescue operations, focusing on rapid response to critical situations.

Event Security

Ansec leads in Event and Ceremonial Security services across India, ensuring events proceed without incident. Our approach includes preventive measures and thorough background checks, issuing security passes, and monitoring attendee movements. We swiftly identify and investigate any potential threats. Our Crowd Management team, featuring security guards, bodyguards, uniformed greeters, and patrol officers, expertly handles crowd dynamics professionally.

Security Consulting

Ansec is a leading security consulting firm offering specialized services, including risk analysis, technical, physical, and procedural security advice. We identify risks, assess vulnerabilities, and provide customized solutions to safeguard assets and ensure business continuity. Our comprehensive approach delivers targeted recommendations for enhanced security and specific objectives.

Escort Guarding

Ansec’s Executive Escorts specialize in safely transporting VIPs, government officials, CEOs, and other dignitaries. We focus on threat mitigation and personal protection, ensuring a safe journey. Our high-quality services set us apart, as we aim to provide secure, flexible, and efficient transportation solutions, including motorcades and personal accompaniment. Our commitment is to earn your trust and ensure your peace of mind.

Corporate Risk Management

Ansec offers advanced services to address future business risks. We specialize in Corporate Risk Management, identifying and strategizing against security threats. Our internal assessments promote proactive defenses and integrated security planning, enhancing protection and preparedness for potential risks.

Corporate Security Training

Ansec boasts an in-house training facility adhering to PSARA standards, focusing on communication, promptness, and discipline. We’ve trained thousands of corporate security guards and executives, equipping them with the skills and confidence for optimal safety and peace of mind. Our practical, interactive sessions draw from real experience, ensuring well-prepared personnel for any organization.