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What is Technology Service by Ansec - DAccess Security System

Ansec HR Services, through its DACCESS Security System, provides an advanced suite of technology services. DACCESS, standing for Digital Access Control System, specializes in custom-designed security systems to prevent unauthorized access and monitor critical entry points. Our expertise encompasses a range of automated security solutions including electronic security cameras, wireless systems, metal detectors, and access control systems. We also offer state-of-the-art Entrance Automation, Flap and Boom Barriers, CCTV Surveillance, Fire Alarm Systems, and Office Automation. Our 3-D face recognition attendance software and custom software development, including HRMS Visitor Management and Canteen Management Software, are tailored to meet specific security needs. At DACCESS, we blend high-tech engineering, programming, and design to create systems that ensure your safety and the protection of your assets.

Who Can Use Technology Services by Ansec - DAccess Security System

DACCESS Security System by Ansec HR Services offers versatile technology services suitable for a wide range of sectors. Ideal for corporate offices, residential areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as the retail and hospitality industry, these services provide advanced surveillance and access control. They cater to specific security needs, from protecting sensitive information and assets to ensuring safety in public spaces and critical infrastructure. DACCESS’s tailor-made solutions ensure effective and comprehensive security across all these areas.

Time & Attendance System

Productivity of an organization depends on the management of its an agile and astute manner. Thus, accurate measurement of employee working hours renders better ways to boost employee productivity.

Visitor Management System

Organizations need enhanced security features when it comes to Visitor Management and Tracking System. Large enterprises have an exodus of people, who visit company stakeholders for interviews.

Canteen Management System

A canteen facility is a supplementary system that is provided by organizations for their employees. Many employees in an organization use canteen services as they do not have the means to prepare their own food.

Parking Guidance System

The Parking Guidance system quickly and easily guides parkers to vacant bays using a combination of signs and bay indicators.

Vehicle Tracking System

The influx of vehicles on the road seems to be increasing day by day, be it personal or business transportation. It is imperative that vehicles are tracked on a 24X7 basis.

Labour Management System

Our Labor Management system has a proven track record for reducing labor costs while decreasing employee turnover by rewarding efficiency, quality and safety.

Guard tour system

Ansec’s guard tour systems are sourced from reputable vendors and feature advanced microprocessor electronics for reliability. Known for their user-friendly operation, rugged design, and durability, these systems meet stringent industrial benchmarks, ensuring top-notch performance.

Security key management

Effective management of cryptographic keys, crucial for processes like digital signing and data encryption, is vital for security, cost-efficiency, and compliance. Thales e-Security offers products and services to implement Key Management System best practices, ensuring high assurance and operational efficiency for scalable, manageable business processes.

CCTV Surveillance System

Effective management of CCTV surveillance is essential for enhancing security, monitoring efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Ansec offers top-tier CCTV Surveillance Systems that are designed to uphold best practices in security monitoring. These systems deliver high reliability and operational excellence, making them scalable and manageable solutions suitable for diverse business settings.

Entrance Automation System - Tripod Turnstile

Effective management of access control is crucial for ensuring security, streamlining traffic flow, and maintaining compliance. Ansec offers advanced Entrance Automation Systems, including Tripod Turnstiles, designed to implement best practices in access management. These systems provide high assurance and operational efficiency, making them scalable and manageable for various business environments.

Fire Alarm System

Ansec’s fire alarm systems are procured from trusted suppliers and are built with sophisticated microprocessor technology for utmost reliability. Renowned for their easy operation, robust construction, and long-lasting durability, these systems adhere to strict industrial standards, guaranteeing superior performance and safety.

Biometric Attendance System

Effective management of biometric attendance systems is essential for ensuring security, cost-efficiency, and compliance in employee time tracking. Ansec provides advanced biometric solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business processes, offering high assurance and operational efficiency. Our systems are scalable and manageable, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces.