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What is Technical Services

Technical services encompass a broad range of specialized tasks and operations typically involving the installation, maintenance, repair, and support of various technological systems and infrastructure. These services can be mechanical, electrical, IT-related, or in other specialized fields.
The focus is on ensuring that all systems function efficiently and effectively, often involving troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

Who can use Technical Services

Technical services offered by AnsecHR are ideal for businesses seeking expert solutions in security and facility management. These services are tailored for corporate offices, industrial establishments, educational institutions, and residential complexes, ensuring a secure and well-maintained environment. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, AnsecHR’s technical services provide peace of mind and operational excellence. From surveillance systems to maintenance protocols, AnsecHR caters to all aspects of technical security and facility management needs.

BMS Operations Services

Ansec’s BMS Operations Services provide comprehensive management of building systems, ensuring efficiency, comfort, and safety through advanced monitoring and control. Our expert team ensures optimal performance of your building’s essential functions

General Maintenance Services

Ansec provides General Maintenance Services to ensure the smooth functioning and upkeep of your facilities. Our team offers comprehensive solutions, covering a range of needs to maintain the aesthetic and operational quality of your spaces

Plumbing Maintenance Services

Providing experienced plumbers for the maintenance and repair of plumbing systems. This service is crucial for ensuring the operational integrity of commercial and residential buildings, particularly in areas like washrooms and kitchens, which are essential for the well-being of occupants.

Electrical Maintenance Services

Offering services of skilled electricians for routine checks, repairs, and maintenance of electrical systems. This can include installation and maintenance of security lighting, alarm systems, and other electronic security devices.

Installation & Maintenance of Firefighting Machinery

Ansec offers professional installation and maintenance of firefighting machinery, ensuring your premises are equipped with reliable and efficient fire safety solutions. Our dedicated team ensures optimal performance and compliance for your protection.

Supply & Maintenance Of Fire Extinguisher

Ansec specializes in the supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers, ensuring your safety with regular inspections, servicing, and compliance checks. Our expert team is committed to providing reliable fire protection solutions for your peace of mind.