The provision of exceptional service is the first priority at Security System Design. Our team is focused on designing systems to delineate the areas within an asset over which you want to achieve protection. Our services are designed to meet your specific security needs including multi-tiered security services that can be tailored to each facility.

Surprise Round Checks

The foundation of Alertness and Accurate Activity lies in the training that is reinforced by Surprise Rounds and ANSEC does just that.

Fire Drills

ANSEC specializes in Fire Safety and Training on a Regular basis to be able to counter any situation that may befall.

Evacuation Drills

Protecting People in Emergencies is the prime focus of ANSEC. In order to be prepared for the same, ANSEC conducts regular evacuation drills.

Night Vigilance & Nightround Checks

ANSEC’s Hawk Eyes make your nights free of worry and anxiety by providing you with Alert and Active Night Vigilance.

Observation Reporting

We are skilled at observation. Our team closely monitors every region, detects any suspicious or unlawful activity, and reports it to higher authorities.

SOP Formulations

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) serve as general guidelines that help maintain a facility's security consistently and reliably.

Regular audits by Field Officers

Our field officers' primary goal in conducting regular audits is to discover, report, and correct any anomalies in security procedures.